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friends !! : ) your words do a lot for me thank you for being so thoughtful ! i am feeling significantly less lonely & i thought this website was only good for pictures. what a wonderful thing it is to be alive & to love 

i hate to post this but it would mean a lot if someone took the time to send me something positive to lift my mood because I’m finding it rly completely impossible to distract myself from these feelings of doubt&anxiety I don’t really want to talk about it I just need something positive :(


Magic Moments: One of the most iconic dresses from one of the most memorable shows to grace the world of fashion; Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2005 aptly named ‘It’s Only A Game”. The show featured a human chess game, inspired by the very one in 'Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone', and the models were dressed suitably as the chess pieces - my favourite being Gemma Ward as the queen. This was portrayed perfectly and to the extreme as she wore a magnificent creation; a balloon skirted lilac dress with a trailed obi-style sash made of silver brocade, and a silk faille flower embroidered jacket with structured shoulders. Completely unforgettable, forever extraordinary. photos via.

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